28 December 2005

united sadists of america

This got me thinking--although I sympathize with the Austrians; any pornographic material involving Queen Elizabeth would be ghastly but--sexual intercourse can be a good metaphor for international relations. There is a "give and take" relationship between cooperating countries. Before treaties are signed each party will make concessions about what they are willing and not willing to do.

When sexual roles become unequal, conflicts may arise. Wars could be viewed as one side dominating the other, as one party will often get more out of the experience than the other. The result of these national sexual hyper-drives is a world filled with emotional distress and sexually transmitted diseases.

How about cheating? President Bush promised the nation that he did not have sexual relations with that dictator, Saddam Hussein. And we believed him. There had to be WMD, right? Wrong. Oops. Well, he warned us:

"Fool me once...can't get fooled again."

So, shame on us if we let it happen again.

Perhaps the United States is the drunken rapist of the world and the countries of Europe are passive onlookers to the crime? Or is the United States the one getting screwed while Europe grins with laughter? And is China waiting for the right moment to seize its opportunity on the stage of history. Only time will tell.

Either way, the United States is in need of some major therapy.

I'm convinced that international politics make strange bedfellows. Our current friends may soon become scorned lovers, even bitter enemies. It's happened before and it will for sure happen again.

UPDATE: Pictures of the Bush-Blair-Queen Elizabeth menage a trois here thanks to Watertiger. Naturally they are NOT work safe.


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