16 February 2006

fun with catechism

Somehow a Cathecism ended up at my house last week. I'm not exactly sure how. Maybe it's a sign, or not. I haven't seen one of these 700-page monsters since junior year of high school when we had to memorize the damn thing in morality class (I went to Catholic high school by the way).

I flipped open the cover and what do you know, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) was the chief instigator of this whole Cathecism project in 1994.

The first topic I wanted a refresher on was the Church's teachings on hell:

The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, "eternal fire."[615] The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs.

That's a great allegory and all, but this God person sounds like a selfish asshole. He created humans for the sole purpose of having people to worship him. Happiness and meaning in life can only blossom if you worship this guy?

First of all, I never asked to be created. That was your decision, God. Second, you did so not out of altruism but to satisfy your own boredom. You expect us to worship you in a world that you have abandoned? Please...

God predestines no one to go to hell;[618] for this, a willful turning away from God (a mortal sin) is necessary, and persistence in it until the end. In the Eucharistic liturgy and in the daily prayers of her faithful, the Church implores the mercy of God, who does not want "any to perish, but all to come to repentance":[619] Father, accept this offering from your whole family. Grant us your peace in this life, save us from final damnation, and count us among those you have chosen.[620]

I've heard that the one unforgivable sin is to deny the holy spirit. You can rape, murder, steal and lie all you want and still be granted forgiveness. But if you willingly deny the holy spirit (i.e. deny the existence of God) then you've bought yourself a one-way ticket to hell.

Click here to determine in which circle of hell you belong.

This Cathecism stuff is deliciously fun. I'll have to read about angels next.


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