10 March 2006

public apology crafting 101

Kinkade responds:

"If during this period I ever offended anybody, I am sorry — anyone who knows me knows I always try my best to be loving," he wrote in response to an article in The Times in which some ex-gallery owners and others painted a harsh portrait of the self-proclaimed "Painter of Light."

"The good news is I learned many valuable lessons from that phase of my life," Kinkade wrote. "With God's help and the support of my family and friends, I have returned balance to my life. And if you have seen me lately you know I have lost over 50 pounds and I feel terrific."

Earlier this week I relayed a story about Thomas Kinkade, a self-described "painter of light" and "devout Christian" who pisses in public, gropes women and heckles Vegas performers. He has admitted to the charges leveled against him, and in doing so, demonstrated the proper technique of giving an apology.

  1. Apologize to everyone, not just the particular persons you offended
  2. Put a positive spin on your apology by noting you are "doing better"
  3. Always mention God.

Velid describes how invoking "God" in the explanation of one's actions has the peculiar benefit of absolving oneself from full responsibility. Let's hope that Jesus is able to curb Mr. Kinkade's penchant for public urination and sexual harassment.

We're counting on You, J-Man!


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