22 April 2006

blog bites

Extending my arm into the raucous bowl of green jello that is the blogosphere I hereby pull out some blog bites for your perusal...

Arvin Hill on the immigration issue:

My summer fantasy: That every human pod bloviating about "Mexicans taking our jobs" gets busy patching asphalt potholes or mowing lawns in exchange for $5.50 an hour and no health insurance.

Crispin Sartwell on home economics:

it's cute to think, as hu meets with bill gates and advertises starbucks, that china and the us have precisely the same economic system. that's cute because one is allegedly based on the principles of marx, the other of adam smith. both are massively regulated entrepreneurial capitalist communism. china probably has a few more of its cf and ceos who are nominally government officials, but that's just a little matter of titles.

Fred on inverse fascism:

The theme is smaller government by attrition. This is the Conservative modus operandi. Don't like the idea of a social safety net? Spend the surplus, and the try to privatize. Don't like the Education Department? Pass another unfunded mandate designed to bring down the already teatering public education system. Don't like Unions? Allow the Nation to be flooded with illegal immigrants. Strike busters. Scabs. Cheap labor. Why? Because when you boil "smaller government" down it means just one thing--a Goverment so small it is unable to protect the People from Corporations. The Executive branch becomes the office of the CEO of America Inc. We all are once again beholdin' to the company store.

Scats on the unfolding global apocalypse:

I take this to my imminent grave as a consolation. A pathetic pleasure surely, roughly on par with a feeble ejaculation during a wet dream about a relative. Nevertheless it is something. Something is better than nothing. But Nothing is on the march.

And check out John's audio tribute to our dearly departed Scott McClellan.

We'll miss ya, buddy!


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