30 May 2006

sue-happy society

(Honeoye, N.Y.) AP - Luann Waden recently filed a notice of claim that she plans to sue the Honeoye Central School District. She blames the school district after her daughter ran off with a guy she met online.

Waden said she made clear on a consent form at the start of the school year that her 15-year-old daughter was not to be allowed Internet access. But the girl used the school computers to access the Web site MySpace.com, where she met 18-year-old Michael Macbeth.

In March, the Ontario County Sheriff's Office arrested Macbeth on charges of endangering the welfare of a child after he picked up the girl at Honeoye High School.

First of all, the "consent form" is ludicrous, as if it is possible to enforce such a demand. Are school officials supposed to visibly monitor the student for the entire duration of the school day and prevent her from nearing a computer?

Luann Waden clearly does not trust her daughter enough to act responsibly. Instead of simply prohibiting the child from accessing the internet altogether, I wonder if the mother ever took the time to explain WHY it is dangerous to talk to strangers online and even MORE dangerous to actually meet them in the flesh.

but of course it is so much easier to sue the school district (and get some $$$) than actually look in the mirror at your shitty parenting skills.

that's America for you


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