06 July 2006

et tu, national geographic?

a "Christian archaeology expedition" claims to have discovered the remnants of Noak's ark in Iran. It amazes me how some religious people are so desperate to prove their faith. They will literally go to any length to prove their beliefs. Unfortunately for them, fairy tales cannot be proven.

The wood atop this rock in Iran very well could be the remnants of
a raft or boat. Rivers do flood and levees do burst. Historically, the
Tigris and Euphrates would overflow flooding the river bank villages.

But the fact that the hunt is led by a "Christian archaeology expedition" casts doubt on the scientific nature of their methods. They have set out to prove an unprovable hypothesis. This reminds me of the Mormon pseudo-archaeologists who roam the Utah desert searching to prove that the missing tribes of Israel settled in the Rockies thousands of years ago. Naturally, their searches are futile and have turned up nothing but dust.

. . .

Yesterday, while flipping through radio stations in the car, I came across a Christian FM station that was broadcasting a question and answer call-in show. A young girl, probably 8 years old, called in to ask:

"Why don't we know where the Garden of Eden is?".

One of the male hosts responded in a gentle voice, "When God caused the great flood it covered the entire Earth and destroyed ALL life on the planet. That is why we don't know where the garden was located because it was destroyed in the flood". (paraphrased)

Brilliant answer, to which I then changed the station back to NPR.

. . .

The ark story is ludicrous on numerous grounds. The idea of filling one boat with two of every animal is more than ridiculous. Lions, tigers, zebras and hippos in the same pad...yeah, that would go over very smoothly. And what about the dinosaurs? Oh yeah, the creationists have an explanation for that too.

Reverend Gisher offer a single question that blows several holes through the ark story--if Noah and his family (who were light-skinned Jews) were the only people saved during the great flood, then where did black people come from?


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