14 December 2006

fanning the flames

I'm half-way through Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation. A friend of mine, who is also reading the book, sent me a link to Tim Todd Ministries--just another piece of evidence to support Harris' thesis that conservative Christianity is morally bankrupt, intellectually deranged and inherently pathological. So I thought it would be fun to examine some of Pastor Todd's ministries.

Pastor Todd is dedicated to "fanning the flames of revival across America and throughout the world". He is especially proud of all the people he's converted during his Lagos, Nigeria crusade:

The power of God was surely there and a great mass of people received Jesus as their Savior. THE GLORY OF GOD CAME DOWN. What a move of salvation! The Crusade was surely a glorious time of liberation from the chains of Satan. Thousands of people brought voo doo, witchcraft, sorcery and satanic paraphernalia to be burned...

With my own eyes I witnessed a grape fruit size cancer tumor fall off of a woman as she was instantaneously healed by the power of God.

Christianity is spreading quickly throughout Nigeria. So is AIDS. While preaching the love of Christ missionaries also instruct their new flocks about the sinful nature of condom use, thus condemning poor Nigerians to a life of further poverty, unwanted pregnancies and possible HIV infection.

But that's not all Pastor Todd does. He also wants to indoctrinate America's youth by offering free "Truth for Youth" bibles to students:

The Truth for Youth is given to every teenager who commits to give the Bibles to their unsaved friends in school. One million Truth for Youth have already been distributed and thousands of young people are receiving Christ through these efforts. One goal for giving the Truth for Youth to teenagers is to restore religious freedoms in public school.

The most striking feature of the bibles is the comic illustration. According to the one on evolution, I'm a racist because I believe humans evolved from lesser organisms over millions of years, as opposed to being created out of thin air by a omnipotent god in the sky 6,000 years ago.

Todd's website allows individuals to send bibles to U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan or whichever country Bush decides to invade next. He's even saved some soldiers:

As a result of these Bibles being distributed and the power of the Word of God, I saw more than 60 combat-hardened men come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In fact, I had the privilege of baptizing them in the Tigris River on Easter Sunday.

Why send body armor when you can impart the ultimate weapon - the protection of faith!


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