05 December 2006

rock on rabbi (but steer clear of tehran)

I might actually convert to Judaism--and I'd have Rav Schmuel to thank!*

Sure the song is all in jest, but the jokes about Zionist world domination are believed to be true by millions of people across the world. Take Iran, for instance...

Last night I watched Ted Koppel's documentary Iran--The Most Dangerous Nation on the Discovery Times Channel. The doc provides a highly enlightening look at Iran and its people. Koppel described how the US/British-sponsored coup against the popularly-elected Prime Minister Mosaddeq in 1953 was the root of antipathy toward the United States. This fact is widely unknown in the United States. It's a good place to start when someone asks "why do they hate us?". Well, actually, they don't hate us, just our government policies. How would we feel if China decided that our current regime's policies did not suit their financial interests, so they replaced our president with a CPP-approved leader. I think we'd be a little bitter. I myself might burn a few red flags and posters of Chairman Mao.

The saddest part of the film was watching kindergarten-aged children on their first day of school chanting "Death to America! Death to Israel!" Indoctrinate them while their young, right? The nation is constructing its identity as both a victim and resister of the perceived Zionist and America imperialist threat. Koppel didn't touch on the roots of anti-Semitism (which go back much further in history I assume) as much as he did anti-Americanism.

Koppel interviewed supporters of President Ahmadinejad. His base is the traditional, conservative segment of society, much like President Bush's base. Most intellectuals Koppel spoke with remarked that Ahmadinejad has little power in government affairs. He is also an inept leader who does a better job inciting the populace with fiery rhetoric than constructive effective policies.

Discovery Times had all-Iran lineup last night. I'm not sure why--perhaps we're preparing to bomb the shit out of Tehran very soon--just in time for Eid ul-Adha! Following Koppel's documentary was a program titled Execution in Iran, about a 16-year old girl executed by the Iranian regime for having pre-marital sex. They also have public execution for homosexuals. Yet another reason to heed the words of Mr. Zappa about the dangers of theocracy...

*about converting to Judaism...mi esposa's best friend is Jewish, and she always jokes that we should convert. I tell her, "What makes you think I'll join another religion when I've already abandoned the one in which I was raised?" Also, the fact that I doubt the existence of god and the inherent truth of religious doctrine and dogma would pose minor challenge to joining a religious community...


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Peace out.


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