07 December 2006

too bad there wasn't an iraq study group at yale

a snippet from the President's press conference today:

I understand how tough it is, sir. I talk to the families who die. I understand there's sectarian violence. I also understand that we're hunting down Al Qaida on a regular basis and we're bringing them to justice. I understand how hard our troops are working. I know how brave the men and women who wear the uniform are. And, therefore, they'll have the full support of this government.

I understand what long deployments mean to wives and husbands and mothers and fathers, particularly as we come into a holiday season. I understand. And I have made it abundantly clear how tough it is. I also believe we're going to succeed. I believe we'll prevail. Not only do I know how important it is to prevail, I believe we will prevail. I understand how hard it is to prevail. But I also want the American people to understand that, if we were to fail -- and one way to assure failure is just to quit -- is not to adjust and say it's just not worth it.

I sense a theme emerging here. Oh, that's it! He understands. Our leader is not only a decider, but he is also an understander. And then there's the line: "I talk to the families who die". Either the president has mastered the art of the seance or he's managed to excrete another priceless Bushism. I'd opt for the latter.


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Peace out.


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