15 November 2007

shakira vs. danzig

Some people wonder why I like Shakira. No, it's not because her hips are infallible - ok, that's not the only reason. I admit her English-language material is pretty bad - it's pure pop crap submitted to the Billboard charts for approval. And that shite is probably all you've been exposed to. Plus, her accent when singing in English is nasily and atrocious. Just imagine your favorite artist singing his or her songs in a foreign language - it wouldn't sound that great.

That said, some tracks on Fijacion Oral, vol. 1 - her Spanish-language release from 2005 - are heavenly. Ok, enough drooling over the works of this half-Lebanese, half-Colombian chanteuse...

P.S. ... umm, Glenn?... Doritos are not Spanish...and antipasto is Italian!

(via How to Avoid the Bummer Life)


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