15 February 2008

hard bop is motherfuckin sublime

Election years are always a good time to watch or re-watch political flicks. Personally, I'm a fan of Bob Roberts and Wag the Dog. But The Great IOZ reminded me of a film I had forgotten - Bulworth. The fine senator played by Warren Beatty offered this gem, among other truisms:

"All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction. Everybody just gotta keep fuckin' everybody 'til they're all the same color."

2008 is going to be a fascinating year. The Proggels are poised to have the nervous breakdown of all nervous breakdowns over their party's inability to successfully and democratically select a presidential candidate. All they need is the super delegates to super size the point spread and a-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-boo there goes the neighborhood. Will it happen? We'll find out in Denver.

Part of me doesn't give a shit. The other part wants to see the DNC fuck this up so badly that we get stuck with President McCain. Maybe that will teach 'em a lesson. Make 'em call a spade a spade. The way I see it, Nero has already started the fire. Might as well let Strangelove steer us clear into hell.

To be continued...

*This post was brought to you by Anchor Steam Beer and John Coltrane's Blue Train.


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