19 July 2006

more stupidity than you can shake a stick at

Think World War III/IV/V is going on in the Middle East? Try again. In Claremont, CA a battle rages between a nosy, rule-loving homeowners association president and a couple of wealthy Hummer-driving, flag-waving realtors.

Nancy and Tom Telford placed plastic American flags attached to flyers for their 21st Century realty business in the front yards of every house in their neighborhood. Such advertising is verboten under neighborhood HOA rules, so association president Steven Llanusa removed the patriotic advertising in a furious fit of rule enforcement:

After Llanusa took down the flags, residents filed 10 theft claims with the Claremont Police Department and also suggested that he violated federal law. (The U.S. Code states that flags no longer fit for display "should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.")

Police detectives said they planned to send their findings to the district attorney, who will decide whether to file charges. Prosecutors have offered to have a mediator meet with the two sides before taking action.But the Telfords and their supporters weren't satisfied with just notifying police. They quickly distributed leaflets to their neighbors titled, "A Sad Day in Claraboya." The leaflet said that neighbors found Llanusa's actions unpatriotic and asked residents to recall Llanusa from the homeowners association board.

Both sides are unsavory characters in my book (yeah, I shouldn't judge but what the hell). A neighbor of the two combatants summed it up quite concisely calling the entire situation "completely idiotic".

If this ever happens in my HOA, I'll march door to door with lighter fluid and matches to purge my neighborhood of shameless advertising.


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