20 December 2006

best of 2006: news photos

Time to practice your captioning skills on these selections of Reuters Photos of the Year. Click on the pics to enlarge and leave your captions in the comments. I've tried to include links (when I could locate them) to the originals to provide some context.


With six bullets I could kill nine Chechens with my eyes closed!


It's hard work to hug bombs and drop babies.


Ms. Rice prepares for her first show with Africa Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation.


This is your captain speaking. The time here in Beirut is 5:32 pm. In lieu of an in-flight movie please look to the left of the cabin for a fireworks show courtesy of the Israeli Defense Forces. Thank you for flying Air Liban.


A screenshot from an abandoned Skittles 'taste the rainbow' ad campaign.


Bush: Heh, check me out. I'm walkin' like an Egyptian.

Harper: Psst. George, this is a Mayan temple.


Hands down, I'm partying with the Sweden fans during the next World Cup!


Non, I only reserve le headbutt for dirty Italian defenders on the pitch.


Hey, Mehlman! Still 'adapting to win', eh?

Now you can do better than that - go for it.

*inspired by Norbizness' weekly feature Captions Aplenty


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Peace out.


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