24 January 2007

does a lifetime supply of sealant wax come with an eternal lifetime of salvation?

A former executive of Irvine-based Meguiar's Inc. filed charges of religious discrimination against the car wax manufacturing corporation:

Atticus O. Firey, 34, of Newport Beach contends Meguiar's Inc. committed religious discrimination when it fired him in July after nearly 10 years with the company. Company president Barry Meguiar repeatedly urged Firey, then the chief operating officer, to attend church, the suit alleges, and told him he was "robbing this company of the blessing of God by not being on your knees and on fire for Jesus."

Borat showed us what it looks like to be on fire for Jesus. I don't know what the "on your knees" part is all about. Let's hope car wax is not involved when employees are getting hot and bothered for the J-man.

The suit, filed Friday in Orange County Superior Court, says Meguiar sat in Firey's office and read to him from the Bible, thrust Christian books on him and demanded he read them and forced managers to attend prayer meetings. When Firey asked about a promised bonus, the suit says, Meguiar said he would not give it to him until Firey joined a Christian church.

Join a church, get a bonus. No violation of anti-discrimination law there! Actually, it sounds a lot like the White House Bible study group. Cabinet members can't achieve influence in the government unless they attend Prophet George's Friday morning revivals.


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