03 January 2007

somebody got murdered

There's nothing viejo about the city of Aliso Viejo, California. 20 years ago it was the scene of untouched rolling hills covered with cactus, wild artichoke and sagebrush. The land was bulldozed in the 1990s for monotonous shopping centers and tope-colored cookie-cutter tract homes. The city was incorporated in 2001. You can read more about the intriguing hypocrisy of this typical South Orange County city by a former resident.

During the early morning hours of New Year's Day a man was fatally stabbed outside an Aliso Viejo nightclub. Naturally the murder came as a shock to the community, known for it's safe atmosphere:

Lorne Paul Kelley, 26, and Candie Kate Wilson, 45, are to be arraigned today in the death of Brandon White of Dana Point and the wounding of another bouncer, Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said. Kelley is alleged to have stabbed White in the neck, and Wilson is accused of washing bloody clothes and destroying other evidence, he said. The victim had recently filed an application to become a sheriff's deputy, Amormino said.

Kelley and Wilson were allegedly involved in a fight with other patrons of the Time Out Tavern & Night Club early Monday when the bouncers tried to break it up and were stabbed.

The fight started over whether the Army or Marines is the better branch of military service, though no one involved was in the military, Amormino said.

So the real question is: was Kelley was arguing in favor of the Marines or the Army?


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