19 January 2007

y'all better make some noise...the dictatorship of the proletariat is in the motherfucking house!

File this one under "bad decision making 101":

Venezuela's National Assembly has given initial approval to a bill granting the president the power to bypass congress and rule by decree for 18 months. President Hugo Chavez says he wants "revolutionary laws" to enact sweeping political, economic and social changes...

The bill allowing him to enact laws by decree is expected to win final approval easily in the assembly on its second reading on Tuesday. Venezuela's political opposition has no representation in the National Assembly since it boycotted elections in 2005.

And when these 18 months have passed Hugo Chavez will gracefully cede this extraordinary power back to the legislature, right?

Yes. Apparently some people are that gullible.

Once you give a megalomaniac the sweet taste of absolute power do you really expect him to quit cold turkey? Look, I don't care if this was Mahatma Gandhi or Albert Einstein. Willingly placing the reigns of the state in the hands of one person is the epitome of historical idiocy and reactionary ignorance. This same unquestioning, authority-worshipping spirit brought the United States the Patriot Act, the Iraq War and the Military Commissions Act.


I guess you could say this is the "Original Pime". I stopped blogging here regularly in May 2008 (if you don't count the B-Sides diversion - yes it gets confusing) when I joined the Tumblr revolution. Going forward bravely into 2009, this site will serve to house any large image work I produce.

Peace out.


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