23 May 2007

2007 champions league final

This year's Champions League Final -- the equivalent of the Super Bowl for European football -- was held in Athens. Thousands of AC Milan and Liverpool fans descending into the city meant the cops had to prepare for some serious riff-raff.

How nice of the officer on the right to provide a bullseye.

Now hooligans, like the ugly scouser above, can pinpoint their molotov cocktails in the abdomen region.

What's Billy Zane doing in Greece? Nevermind, it's Zidane, almost one year into retirement making an appearance at the pre-game festivities.

AC Milan chairman Silvio Berlusconi showed up with my boy Ronaldo -- looking quite scholarly I might add -- who can't play for the Rossoneri in this year's competition since he already played for Real Madrid earlier in the year.

Ok, the game. Liverpool dominated the first half and had at least three chances. But they gave up a free kick in the 45th minute which Pirlo sent to Inzaghi for a goal. Milan seemed more secure in the 2nd half, having a goal under their belt and feeling a bit more at ease. Inzaghi got a 2nd goal in the 82nd minute beating the Liverpool keeper after a sweet pass by Kaka. Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt scored in the 89th minute but it was too late.

The game ended in regular time, 2-1 for Milan.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard facing reality.

Kaka better give Jesus his shirt back. That's not cool to steal the Lord's clothing.

And that's Milan's 7th Champions League trophy.

They've got a knack for this competition.


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