19 July 2007

some local news for a change

Lake Forest police vs. The Prophet:

When Orange County sheriff's deputies arrived to the area June 20, Barnes was wearing what appeared to be body armor constructed from pieces of traffic cones, magazines, plastics, and a hubcap strapped to his chest. Barnes threw a bottle at officers as they arrived, said Lt. Don Barnes, chief of police services for Lake Forest.

Officers used Tasers and beanbag shots to subdue "The Prophet," but they had little effect because of the layers of clothing and material strapped to his body, Lt. Barnes said. Officers said Barnes grabbed one deputy's Taser and officers used batons to subdue him and force him to let go of it.

When the popular transient was taken into custody, he was taken to a local hospital with cuts, bruises and what may have been a broken hand, Lt. Barnes said. "The Prophet" was booked for robbery, but not for resisting arrest, Lt. Barnes said.

Huntington Beach city council vs. "The Naked Man":

To prevent Ferreira from parading around outside his home naked, or inside with blinds open, the district attorney's office suggested that Huntington Beach officials ban public nudity. Indecent exposure charges require prosecutors to show that the nudity is sexually charged, and most times, Ferreira was just walking around.

The council passed the ban unanimously at a brisk meeting at which reporters seemed to outnumber speakers, though the city had been bombarded with e-mails from opponents. In fact, what caused the most debate among council members was another city law that bars people from taking off their swimsuits in public.

The Broadcom billionaire dungeon master:

The location, referred to as the Pond or the Ponderosa, "was infamous for its excessive extravagance, its sex rooms and its million-dollar sound equipment," the document alleged.

Nicholas had his private jet pick up prostitutes in New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles "and bring them back to the Pond for his rock star friends," the draft complaint said. "He provided his guests with transportation and cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamines, marijuana, mushrooms, and nitrous oxide [laughing gas]" — and even arranged for his private helicopter to land at a nearby hospital helipad, it said.

Free drugs AND transportation. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. I bet they serve some strong drinks at Nick's Cafe...


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