16 August 2007

sporting diplomacy

Cal Ripken Jr. has been drafted by the Karen Hughes diplomatic core. Outside of Japan, Korea, Venezuela and a few Caribbean islands the world doesn't care much for baseball. But Condi believes that European kids will want to be like Cal!

Sorry Cal, you seem like a nice guy and all, but I'd be surprised if a handful of Euro kids know who you are. Europeans don't give a fuck about baseball. Soccer, rugby, cricket...these are popular world sports. In fact, no American sports have truly succeeded outside of the U.S. on a world stage. Can you name one?

Well, at least they chose a sports figure with some integrity. Hughes could have asked Barry Bonds to be her cultural ambassador (actually, his "go fuck yourself" attitude perfectly represents Bush administration foreign policy). Condi, a.k.a. Miss NFL, should recruit Pacman Jones and Michael Vick who will both have some free time this season. That tag team of assault and torture encapsulates Cheneyism to a T. Oh wait, we're trying to convince the world that we're not assholes. Nevermind...

Good luck, Mr. Ripken. Honestly, I wish you the best.


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