08 February 2008

why not just ask a mormon?

Get in position. While it hasn't been scientifically proven, it's generally thought that positions which place the sperm close to the cervix are more conducive to pregnancy, specifically the "missionary position" with a pillow under the woman's hips. Remaining in bed for at least a half hour after intercourse may also increase the chances of sperm reaching the egg.

But the missionary position is so god damned boring!

more vital baby factory operating procedures at How to Get Pregnant.

UDPATE: If you are intending to get pregnant (and you're married, of course) you are allowed to remove the holy trinity IUD for that particular occasion. But remember - doggy, lotus, reverse cowgirl or any other unholy sexual positions are by all means verboten.


I guess you could say this is the "Original Pime". I stopped blogging here regularly in May 2008 (if you don't count the B-Sides diversion - yes it gets confusing) when I joined the Tumblr revolution. Going forward bravely into 2009, this site will serve to house any large image work I produce.

Peace out.


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