27 December 2005

yoo da man

John Yoo's philosophy on the U.S. Constitution is simple: he loves freedom so much that he is willing to destroy it in order to save it. How else can one explain Yoo's defense of executive power, indefinite detentions, spying, torture, etc.

The Washington Post takes a look at Yoo:

Coming of age in an anti-communist household, Yoo said, he associated strong opposition to communist rule with the Republican Party and was himself "attracted to Reagan's message." What he liked most in conservatism was "the grounding in reason and reasonableness."

Uh, somebody please tell him that "reason and reasonableness" and "Republican" are no longer compatible. Today’s Republican Party is one of reactionary statism and Christian fascism, not one that espouses reason and limited government.

Crispin Sartwell notes that Yoo's ideas about strong executive power ironically originate from his own personal opposition to totalitarianism. Go figure.

Perhaps Yoo is a follower of the Reverend Moon. He's taken Moon's "True Father" rhetoric and applied it to the office of the president. Bush is the nation's father who will do anything to protect us, even if it means lying to us, spying on us and beating us into submission. Read Yoo's editorial in the LA Times from last week. He thinks Congress is too detached and clueless to be involved in declaring war. Rather, the nation requires a strong leader to conduct the wars.

All Hail Caesar Bush!

Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the president’s duty is to “protect the American people”. The president’s job to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, and Bush has done the opposite of that. The presidency was never meant to be a paternalistic office.

But maybe in John Yoo's world, it is.


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