23 February 2006

one for the road…

  1. I Believe in Miracles – Eddie Vedder (from a Ramones tribute album)
  2. Diamond Dogs – David Bowie
  3. Sad Song – Velvet Underground
  4. B.I.B.L.E. – GZA
  5. Sharkhunt – Way Out West
  6. Cold Lampin with Flavor – Public Enemy
  7. Like Spinning Plates (live) – Radiohead
  8. Guitar – Cake
  9. We Bite – The Misfits
  10. Heaven is a Truck – Pavement
  11. Mr. Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was attending a Catholic mass and the band Pavement was on the side of the altar leading the church in music. Yeah, Stephen Malkmus and Pavement.

In between playing traditional church hymns they busted out a few riffs from Summer Babe and Cut Your Hair. I remember thinking that I’d go to mass more often if Pavement was the musical act…

. . .

KCRW's The Treatment has a good interview with Don Cheadle, actor and producer of the Oscar-nominated film Crash. He discusses the intersection of race and power, which are the central themes of the film.

Orange County's native son Gustavo Arellano gets profiled in the LA Times. The mainstream press does a story on the alternative press? Maybe they want to steal him...


I guess you could say this is the "Original Pime". I stopped blogging here regularly in May 2008 (if you don't count the B-Sides diversion - yes it gets confusing) when I joined the Tumblr revolution. Going forward bravely into 2009, this site will serve to house any large image work I produce.

Peace out.


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