18 March 2006

nutcase for congress

Meet Tony Zirkle. He is running for Congress in Indiana's 2nd district. He is a proud Christian navy man who believes that humans should inflict the wrath of God on this earth by reintroducing the guillotine and the lynch mob to our justice system.

Check out his campaign statement. There are several mind-blowing zingers in there, if you can get passed the typos and the made-up words.

At my 10th reunion at Georgetown last summer, I asked former CIA Director George Tenet if he thought that the militant Islamists might be able to accomplish by their high birth rates and our high STD rates what they could not militarily in 14 centuries. He stated, "could be." One of my Lebanese friends indicated to me that Christians once held the majority there; however, "we breed faster" turned the population tide in the Islamic favor.

He notes that the enemies of America are militant Islamists, the "Jewish porn-prostitution business" and activist judges. He sounds like someone with a repressed porn addiction:

The first stage of the battle, as proposed by Zirkle, calls for suspension of the constitutional protections of property rights for "porn-pimps."

"Every adultery (sic) book store will be immediately seized and the property will be forfeited to the taxpayers without any process of law other than a hearing within 10 days of seizure to give the porn-pimps the opportunity (to) challenge the sufficiency of prostitution evidence."

It's already hard enough to be a pimp. Zirkle is going to make it impossible.

hat tip: blogenfreude


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