17 July 2006

dreaded yellow-brown axis exposed in westminster

a joint serracho-pime production:

Local parent, performance artist and conspiracy theorist Stephanie MORALES Erickson apparently spends her free time googling herself to see if she's famous on the internets yet. Recently, her search turned up this throw-away post from the serrach and she was not pleased.

She sent a rather long-winded email to the Serrach in which she opines about the oppression of whitey in the Westminster school district. Here are some choice excerpts--misspellings and all--from her email:

I received information that leads me to believe that the process of selecting the superintendent in question had been flawed, bias and undisclosed to all trustees...

The fact that Latinos and Vietnamese have been attending board meetings pertaining to the superintendents position leads me to believe that maybe there are people in ths district or on the board that know Dr. Lam and are working together to promote a hispanic-vietnamese agenda tht does not represent 100 percent of all WSD students...

as an American who's ethnicity is Mexican, French and English I am sick of people who whine about racisim when they should be pursuing their life as an AMERICAN, that's if they are here legally.

Can you believe the nerve of these minorities to attend a school board meeting?!? The school district is 33% Asian, 38% Latino, and 22.5% White. Why in Jebus' name would Asians and Latinos work together on community issues in the first place? Don't minorities keep to themselves because they are different?

you can read more about the Serrach's newest fan at the defeatists and the serrach.


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