15 January 2007

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Need proof that Republicanade works? Look no further than our number one customer George W. Bush. He drinks at least 3 to 5 servings per day. His recent 60 Minutes interview was completely inspired by Republicanade's magical formula...

The whiny defeatocrats in Congress can't stop the surge. According to unitary executive theory it is the president's God-given duty to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq.

George W. Bush is a self-proclaimed cowboy war president with a "thick hide". He sometimes wears cowboy boots. Yee-haw!

Don't listen to the "Bush lied" crowd. The Bush administration has always been "straight" with the American people.

After all the United States has done for the Iraqi people they remain ungrateful. Hell, they should be down on their knees thanking President Bush for his many gifts: intermittent running water and electricity, a rampantly evolving civil war and over 50,000 civilians deaths, just to name a few.

By eliminating Saddam, who was a "source of instability in Iraq", President Bush has allowed the country to blossom from tyranny into a Jeffersonian democracy.

. . .

So, don't be a nattering nabob of negativism. Drink your Republicanade daily!


I guess you could say this is the "Original Pime". I stopped blogging here regularly in May 2008 (if you don't count the B-Sides diversion - yes it gets confusing) when I joined the Tumblr revolution. Going forward bravely into 2009, this site will serve to house any large image work I produce.

Peace out.


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