23 June 2007

hugo chavez is an idiot

Everyone's favorite Bolivarian revolutionary thinks 21st century socialism will drive the Venezuelan national soccer team to victory in the Copa America:

“[Lula] I’m warning you; later on don’t say we were rude to anyone because we will beat Brazil 3-0, or [will beat] Argentina. Nestor Kirchner don’t get offended”.

Chavez also sent greetings to Fidel Castro and said: “Thank god Cuba isn’t in the Copa America, because if they were we would have beaten them 5-0”.

He also made note of the fact that in the past the Venezuelan national team was the weakest in the region, and would be thrashed by every side, but added that this has changed and now they “scare” [the opposition] like a “war tank”.

The Copa America, held this year in Venezuela, lasts from June 26 to July 15. The tournament features most nations from South America and this year's invitees the United States and Mexico. The U.S. doesn't have a chance. They are bringing an inexperienced, young squad to combat in hostile terrority against their group members Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay. If they can make it out of their group then all props go out to the Yanks. Mexico should benefit from the leadership of skipper Rafael Marquez who was absent from this year's Copa Oro. The Copa Oro final - an expected U.S.-Mexico match-up - is tomorrow.

If Venezuela make it out of their group - the keyword being if - they would most likely face Argentina, Mexico, Brasil or Uruguay in the next round. Historically, these four sides excel at the Copa. Based on the composition of Argentina's squad I'd bet cash on them winning the trophy.

So I doubt Chavez's boys have a chance. But keep an eye out on this tournament, even if you don't give a damn about mi deporte favorito. Chavez has banned protests near stadiums to prevent his political opposition from stealing the limelight during these public events. Just wait, I can imagine Hugo giving impassioned speeches before each game to rally his political supporters. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a political circus and stays focused on el futbol. Hmm, maybe we should have listened to the good ol' Reverend Pat...


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